Friday, January 27, 2017

Here comes the weekend

Out the office & onto weekend plans
New advertising for Misfit Wearables from stylist Lisa Slusher.
Friday Teaser! 


Ph: Chris Ossenfort
stylist: Lisa Slusher
HMU: Samantha Landis w/ Seaminx
Model: Roxanna Redford w/ Campbell Models

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Men's Style

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” – Tom Ford

Photographer: Par Bengtsson
Stylist:  Krissy Smith
Art Director: Cesar Ramirez

Monday, January 23, 2017

David Bowie

"I don't know where I'm going from here, 
but I promise it won't be boring"
New fashion styling from upcoming stylist, Thais Schmidt. 

PH: Nate Rehlander
Stylist: Thais Schmidt
HMU: Walter Fuentes w/ Campbell Agency
Model: Roxanna Redford w/ Campbell Agency
Tech: Brian Rehlander

Friday, January 20, 2017

Into the Wilderness

HMU from of upcoming artist, Blaze Mathis. 
Let's go play in the wood it's Friday!

HMU: Blaze Mathis
PH: John Benitez
Styling: Karissa Grey w/ IA Agency
Assistant Stylist: Meagan Grace w/ Seaminx

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sweater Weather

It's still sweater season, don't put them away just yet!

Photographer: Pat Jerina
Stylist: Krissy Krissy Smith
Client: JCPenney

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Saying farewell to 2016

We want to take one more look at some of our favorite photo shoots from 2016. We will say goodbye and welcome 2017 with open arms. Can't wait to see what this year brings.

Never throw away anything..

Stylist: Jimmie Henslee
PH: Jake Toler

Lost Youth

Stylist: Carolyn Kramer
PH: Fernando Ceja
HMU: Amy Bjork w/ Page Parkes Corp
Models: Dean, Valeria, Jessi w/ Wallflower Management

Misfit Ad Campaign

Stylist: Lara Amis
PH: Chris Ossenfort
HMU: Samantha Landis w/ Seaminx
Model: Molly Overton w/ Kim Dawson Agency

GO WEST editorial for Bisous Magazine

HMU: Michelle Dick
PH: Shelli Wright
Styling: Shelli Wright CLD Stylehouse
Model: American Calloway 
Motion: Chris Bredsen


Stylist: Leslie Sheffield
PH: Erin Faison
HMU: Jocelyn Lopez w/ IA Agency
Model: Erica Grey w/ Dragonfly Agency


Stylist: Lisa Slusher
HMU: Blaze Mathis
PH: Scott Slusher
Art Direction: Tina Hung & Lensey Morris 
Models: Clutts Agency & Wallflower Agency

Auto-Mate editorial for Ellements Magazine

Stylist: Geovany Martinez
PH: Roy Photography
HMU: Erin Fortune, Jeffrey Sanchez, and Andre Hebert
Grooming: Jeffrey Sanchez, Erin Fortune
Models: Lukas Moffett, Alexandria Bryan, and Ashley Lacamp w/ Kim Dawson
Truck provided by Daniel Gasca

The Changing of Seasons

Stylist: Ashley Lee
PH: Erin Faison
Models: Peyton, Guillermina, Rabia w/ Dragonfly Agency
HMU: Briana Dai w/ SisterBrother Management

Texas Farm Bureau 

Stylist: Phillip Groves
PH: Elizabeth Lavin


Stylist: Brandi Cooling
PH: David Nix

Tokyo Carnival editorial for Elegant Magazine

Stylist: Lindy Corley
PH: Roy Photography
HMU: Walter Fuentes w/ Campbell Agency
Model: Kirsten Dolbec w/ Kim Dawson

Love Wins Texas || Day Dreams 

HMU: Michael Thomas
PH: Mindy Byrd w/ The Photo Division 
Styling: Brittany Winter w/ SisterBrother Management
Stylist Assistant: Elizabeth Farrell w/ SisterBrother Management
Models: Luis E, Lukas M & Kirsten D. w/ Kim Dawson
PH assistant: Jonathan Stafford w/ The Photo Division
Text: Eden Dawn
Location/Venue: Summerfield at Tate Farms

Tea for Two

Stylist: Kate Bohot
PH: Benjamin Gibson

Bushido editorial for Jute Magazine

Styling: Carlos Alonso-Parada
PH: Nicollette Mollet
HMU: WAFU Artistry w/ Campbell Agency
Model: Christine Burns w/ Kim Dawson

HMU: Michelle Rodgers
PH: Anthony Chiang
Model: Sidney Jamison w/ Campbell Agency
Stylist: Mona Hart